our mission

The SLC is an intentional collaboration of folks who are passionate about sexual liberation and healing for all people. We see sexual liberation as a human right and our bodies and desires as sacred. The purpose of the Collective is twofold: to provide quality sexuality education and transformative experiences to communities, and to provide sexual liberators with support, advice, and accountability on their personal and professional projects. Through our work, we create safe and accountable spaces for people to learn about and explore their own sexualities, desires, and healing journeys. We provide support for each other and for communities in manifesting our full brilliance as sexual beings in this world. We embrace the wide variety of work and healing that sexual liberators offer, and work to create a community of sexual liberators to think and organize around our impact on the world. Rooted in the belief that sexual liberation is intimately connected to all forms of liberation, we are a collective that intentionally prioritizes people of color, trans* and gender non-conforming folks, people of working class backgrounds, sex workers, women, and all body shapes, sizes, and abilities.


our vision

We seek a world in which people, from before birth and throughout their lives, experience radical body acceptance and body autonomy; a world in which sex is celebrated and not shamed, and people can talk and learn about sex freely. We imagine a world in which people have the opportunity to identify, decipher, and delve into their own personal fantasies, and where they can be authentic in their desires and create the lives they want.

We do this work to see an end to rape culture and child sexual abuse. We see sexual liberation as intimately connected to all forms of liberation, and we envision a world where people can live beyond basic “survival mode” and actualize their desires. We seek a world in which medical establishments respect all kinds of bodies and sexualities and provide comprehensive and compassionate care for all, in an economically sustainable way. We envision a world in which amazing comprehensive sexuality education is available for all ages, in all institutions. We see a world that acknowledges the multiplicity of gender and sexual identities, and values all relationships & families equally.

We do this work because we envision a world in which sexual healing and sexual liberation is accessible to everyone, including ourselves.