FUCK CAPITALISM (bad) and get to FUCKING (good)

In this moment where you can buy a slot to have your name televised live during the State of Union for as little as $5, we say FUCK Capitalism!

People in the US spend $20 BILLION on Valentine's Day to offer gifts of love and affection to their loved ones- put your money where you politics are-

bodily autonomy, enthusiastic consent, and sexual liberation for all-

Donate to the Sexual Liberation Collective and give a gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving... orgasms that is!

Instead of the same ol' things, give your sweeties a session with the SLC that could improve their sex life and yours!

 Or love on yourself with your own one-on-one educational session with a member of the SLC!

We have sessions for every budget- Always wanted to learn more about anal? Need a personal hype session from the SLC? Could you use a private, confidential conversation about poly families or opening your relationship?


For Donations of $10 or more..

48 hour Photo Hype - Any picture(s) you choose to send in the span of 48 hours will get gassed up. 4 available. Contact Cavanaugh.

15 minute phone call for sex, business or workshop advice. 3 available. Contact Marla,

For Donations of $20 or more..

Ask the SLC Anything. Email us your question about sexual liberation and we will answer! 20 available. Contact Alba/Marla/Cav/Roan/Mija.

15 min call: Visit our Confessional to tell your dirty little secrets (in a non-judgemental, confidential space). 30 available.  Contact Alba/Mija.

30 mins call “Are my desires fucked up/Ask me anything. 4 available. Contact Robin/Roan.

For Donations of $30 or more..

45 min personal Awk Talk Session - Ask Me Anything about your desires/fantasies. 2 available. Contact Cavanaugh.

30 min mini reiki-based energy healing sessions (can be long distance). 3 available. Contact Roan,

30 min the unvarnished truth about anything you want. 2 available. Contact Supa.

For Donations of $50 or more..

30 min video call on getting guilt and shame out of your love life and sexual desire. 2 available. Contact Alba.

30 min video call on spiritual healing from Christian culture: Bible, sexuality, desire, God. 2 available. Contact Alba.

30 min Sex positivity and parenting. 2 available.  Contact Asha/Alba.

30-60 mins Managing race, gender and power dynamics in relationships. 1 available. Contact Robin.

For Donations of $75 or more..

1.5 hour Shop with me! In person or digital toy shopping time, catered to your needs and desires.  2 available. Contact Cavanaugh.

2 hours of technical assistance (for organizations/businesses) or individual coaching on workshop creation and group facilitation. 1 available.  Contact Cavanaugh.

45 min Non-traditional/Non-nucleur family parent/caregiver consultation (up to 4 people). 2 available.  Contact Alba/Asha.

45 min video call to strategize about opening your relationships or working through the ethics of responsible non-monogamy/poly relationships. 10 available. Contact Alba/Robin/Roan/Mija.

1 hour LGBT Training on any relevant topic. 4 available. Contact Robin/Mija.

For Donations of $100 or more…

1.5 hour Talk from off the shelf series (in person or via zoom). 1 available.  Contact Cavanaugh.

1 hour Goddess Card Readings help develop your personal intuition and divination for personal support. 2 available.  Contact Asha.

1 hour Chakra Energy Healing uses reiki to balance and align your energy. (can be long distance) 2 available.  Contact Asha

1 hour Spiritual Consultation a life coaching process around work, love, relationships and more!  2 available. Contact Asha.

1 hour gender exploration coaching. 3 available.  Contact Mija/Roan.

For Donations of $150 or more..

1 hour Personal Coaching around specific sex skills. 3 available. Contact Marla.

1 hour deep tissue massage (bay area or beyond -travel costs not included-) 1 available. Contact Supa.

For Donations of $200 or more..

1 hour Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Training for organizations on any relevant topic. 2 available. Contact Robin/Mija.

1 hour Digital Usability Audit to evaluate your website or online product for accessibility. 3 available. Contact Supa.

For Donations of $400 or more..

3 hour In person teaching/coaching session for multiple penetration, oral penetration, wax/temperature play, rubber band play, or vampire glove massage (Albany, NY or beyond -travel costs not included-) 1 available. Contact Cavanaugh,

1.5-2 hour group workshop via zoom on any subject you like. 1 available. Contact Marla.

To redeem your session please use the paypal link to make a donation and then contact the collective member whose service you would like on our Who We Are page.